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2D Cartoon Designer

2D Cartoon Designer

We are freelance 2D and 3D Cartoon Designer base in Singapore and Malaysia that provide 2D and 3D cartoon and animation design solutions for those personal,small corporation or on budget corporation that wants to prevents expense and generate your designs idea turns into actuality.

2D and 3D Cartoon Designer

2d and 3d cartoon designer

For being master to your job you have to try more and discover new and hidden parts in your career. We have started this task from many years ago and now we know how to impress our customers and how satisfy them. Here we will share you some of important tips for designing a good cartoon.


What we do in the period of designing is to simplify everything. We never waste our time for unnecessary information or drawings. We just focus on the target and try to draw the main purpose first. Deadline is important but timing is much more important. We deside to manage our time and separate it in to many different tasks and we try to reach them by the time table. Timing is as important as drawing. Drawing simple and making some thumbnail is useful. We draw basic form even for 3d cartoons and we fix and correct all mistakes and modify our simple form. We’ve seen people add lots of detail to a drawing that lacked a quality basic shape. Finally, we keep our shading simple. We Think about the drawing shadows as one smooth tone form. You can always add in illustrates and about half lights later if you think it needs it.

Draw all layers of your shape mixed

We draw all lines and bones under the shape and through the character and drawings. We are talking about drawing underlying guidelines and shapes to establish the overall form of an object or person. You don’t see bones and muscles on every person, but they are there. Think of it like building a house. This is look like the real world you have to consider the basic forms like bones first this can help us to build our shapes more anatomic and rational. Although you’re probably going to simplify things for an animated cartoon, having an anatomy note as reference is a good idea.


We try to take into consideration what elements needs to be exaggerated to possess our sketching make more impression. What things aren’t essential or ought to be ignored? Sometimes a little lie isn’t so bad. Exaggeration is a key for good cartoon. Just think about it. We try to put our feelings on exaggerations.

2D Cartoon Designer

2D Cartoon Designer

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