Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Freelance 3D Video Designer

Freelance 3D Video Designer

We are freelance 3D Video Designers and animatiors base in Malaysia and Singapore that provide 3D video design for those individual,small companies or on budget companies that wants to saves cost and make your designs idea turns into reality.

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3D Video Designer

We will show you our secret techniques that can totally change your opinion about 3d video designing and will persuade you to make your new movie in 3d.

Secret one:

Never underestimate the power of reality illusion

The illusion of the reality is the key that people enjoy it. People like it when you produce a fake of real world especially when it is not as stereotypical as their life. Our 3d designing team understood that all success movies in the 3d film history has focused on the Idea that shoes the reality of the world and involve audiences in it with a full experience of all aspect of it. For you as a creator, this is a great opportunity to make your own universe which is duplicated from the real one and is under your control. It is simple: control your world to control your audience’s feeling.

Secret two:

Its better that your screen writing be suitable to your 3d environment

Our team has got the point that you have to write your screenplay exactly for 3d photographing. This way can grantee your product to be success in any circumstances. Try to find a good writer and also a good idea. The next step is to run your 3d movie with the 3d maximum impact.

Secret three:

Transfer your feeling maximum

3d universe is a chance for making the real feeling. Reality is the key that you can emulate it powerfully. You as a creator should make all your feelings clear for better results. You must understand the equals in the picture and aesthetic form. Our team’s experience have shown that all differences between any kind of 3d videos is just about how much feeling you transfer in your video. Your feeling everything that introduces you as a author.

Freelance 3D Video Designer

Freelance 3D Video Designer

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