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3D Character Modeler

3D Character Modeler

We are freelance 3D Character Designers base in Malaysia and Singapore that provides 2D and 3D character design services for those individual,small business or on budget business that wants to saves cost and create your designs idea develops into reality.

3D Character Designer

10 important facts about 3d character modeling

3d character modeling is the new world gift that can help you as a director to make the most realistic world with dimensions. Our 3d modeler team has got these below results through many years work. These factors show why you should make your animation movie in 3d and create their character in 3d. Future more our team is capable to do all these important factors in the 3d designed character.

Watching all dimensions

With the 3d designing your character you are able to see all dimensions and consider them to your aesthetic designing.

Controlling the model better

3d new technology bring us the power of control our characters better and more professional.


In 3d design you have to take care about the details. They are all over the character’s body to his or her face. This detail consideration helps you to create more realistic characters.


Colors are important during 3d designing. This is the key for visualizing the 3d world. Some colors are depended on the distance and some others are related to the environment.


Skins and the form of the character’s body are vital to design. Whether or not your 3d design needs more and more texture designing that can make harmony with the 3d designed figure.


Perspective in 3d character designing is dynamic. It means your character s all the time moving and so your perspective is changing. Considering this important fact to your designing is significant because of the viewer’s point of view.

Motion capturing

You can easily capture any motions form an actor to CGI technology and make a character in 3d form and very realistic. This can reduce your animating time.

Facial changes

Considering the changes of the face more detailed is one of the most interesting factors that we force it to our design.

Lips synchronize

The word that you say when you animate your character must be synchronized in time. This is the cliff hanger that our team considers.

Better animated results

3d designing results better animations Because of the 3d rigging and pay more attention to the muscles and bones.

3D Character Modeler

3D Character Modeler

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